First Avocado, now Cauliflower

A couple of weeks ago, I tried and reviewed a couple of flavors of avocado crisps from Hippie Snacks. I liked the avocado crisps (the Guacamole flavor in particular), but does Hippie Snacks’ method of creating fruit & veggie-based crisps work out this time round?

I’m glad to say that the cauliflower crisps live up to their avocado cousins. The ranch flavor comes through nicely and mixes well with the “roastyness” of the cauliflower crisp. They are crunchy and will definitely compliment well with any sort of flavored dips you may have lying about. Despite the ranch flavor, the crisps are not sour at all which may come as a nice surprise or disappointment. Hippie Snack’s ranch flavored cauliflower crisps is a great snack to try.