GFB are the BFG (Best Frickin’ Goodies):

If you’ve ever had the Ferrero Rocher classic confectionery creation before, GFBs are made with pretty much he same concept. There are of course, some differences. For one, GFBs are high in nutritious value. Some of its headline features include vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and is also a source of protein and fibre. There is a total of eight flavors of GFBs. This review will be on ‘Dark Chocolate Almond’ (Left) and ‘Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter’ (Right).

Let’s start with ‘Dark Chocolate Almond’. This variation is covered with a layer of almond chips and its taste is prominent in your first few bites. Once you get to the chewy dark chocolate mix in the interior, that’s when the flavors begin to mix. There is a good amount of cocoa powder and there is a slight bitter after-taste. This product does contain organic cane sugar but honestly, the sweetness isn’t all that noticeable.

‘Dark Chocolate Almond’ flavor is good, but if I’m going to choose between the two I’m reviewing, I have to take ‘Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter’. The peanut butter is genius. Instead of almonds, the batter is coated with peanuts, and the interior batter itself is a fantastic, nicely balanced mix of peanut butter and dark chocolate. Again, the sweetness is kept at a minimal. My preference for ‘Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter’ should not take away from ‘Dark Chocolate Almond’. Both flavors are very good if you feel the need to cure an itchy stomach! All in all, Gluten Free Bites are highly recommended.