Rawesome? Awesome.

I wish I had a better photo of this product, but unfortunately, by the time I took it home and opened the packet, the cake was…let’s say, not in the best shape. Aesthetics aside though, Rawesome’s crème-brûlée vegan cake is delicious. The upper layer is a smooth and creamy mix, while the crust is made from a combination of cashews and brazil nuts. The cake is rich with many different flavors with other ingredients such as cocoa, maple syrup and coconut.

                A minor complaint from me is that the single slice serving that I got is quite small. If you’re someone who loves cakes, you’d probably want to buy a few more packets. Additionally, an 8-serving (medium) or 16-serving (large) version of this product is also available for purchase.

                This product is vegan-free, and all ingredients are organic. Contains nuts.