MadeGood Soft Baked Mini Cookies Chocolate Chip – Chip off the old block

I love chocolate chips, but then again, who doesn’t? Made Good’s soft baked mini chocolate chips combine dark chocolate chips with a cookie base made from nutritious organic ingredients. It is gluten-free, nut-free and vegan friendly.

So how does it taste? Just like chocolate chips. I would say that it is less sweet than the regular variations you can find on the market, but it does not differ all that much in terms of taste. The big difference comes in texture. Since these guys are soft-baked, expect these cookies to be more chewy than crunchy. The cookies are bite-sized and come in neat packets suitable to pack for road trips, lunch breaks, mid-class snacks or whatever else you think you’ll need a little food to get by. 

The only qualm I have with this product is the price. Retail price for the 5-pack box is around CAD$5 which I find to be on the pricey side for a snack I could easily finish in a day or two. But other than that, I’d say it’s a very good product all round. It’s obvious that Made Good clearly cares about their consumers and set out to make the best tasting chocolate chips with the best nutritional value.